About Us

About Us

JASSIM AL-LINGAWI TRADING EST.(LINGAWI) which was founded in 1980, has a compelling vision - to make its range of equipment known and accessible to all sports & outdoor enthusiasts in the region.

Global Positioning sytems(GPS), Automotive Navigation systems, Fish finders, Marine Radar & Wireless communication systems, Marine equipments, Marine Rescue and safety systems, Fishing & Scuba Diving products etc.

In the process

JASSIM AL-LINGAWI TRADING EST. expects to change the way quality equipments is viewed and used around the world.

The store has expanded to become one of the largest and most reputable Marine stores in Qatar.

One is able to satisfy all his outdoor equipment needs. Everything from the latest and greatest hi-tech products and it doesn't stop here though.

The mission of JASSIM AL-LINGAWI TRADING EST. is to market innovative and purpose designed equipments for valued clients in the region. The company intends to focus primarily on constant product refinements and the introduction of new, innovative products to maintain its position as a leading dealer of the latest equipment technology available worlwide.